Learning Curve

This digital re-creation of a beautiful stream and trees in the heart of New Hamshire was fun to create, but makes we think about what constitutes art. I began this project when a friend told me he’d heard you couldn’t paint (create realistic visual images) in photo shop. This is the kind of challenge that always makes me want to find out for myself. Although their are parts of the image, I would probably tweak more, I decided I’d gone far enough with this, my learning curve. I would be interested in thoughts or comments.

Digital painting of a lazy river in New Hampshire

Digital painting of a lazy river in New Hampshire

3 thoughts on “Learning Curve

  1. I’m guessing (I may be wrong) this is a photograph that has been manipulated to look like painting? Some times I tend to use images in my artworks. But they are only for reference purposes. I used to modify images to look like artwork. But I realised, creating something out of a blank digital canvas is more fun.

    • Hello, Irfan

      No, this is a digital creation only, though yes it is bases on a photograph. The only way I used the original photograph was to pick colors to create this. I have used photo manipulation in my art, but never to simply make a photo look like a painting. I’m an oil painter as well under the name Brent Harris http://www.brentharrisfineart.com, so if I want a painting, I paint one.

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