Welcome to Philip Brent Digital Art

Digital Art for Every Mood
Digital Art for Every Mood
Welcome to Philip Brent Digital Art Digital Art and Photography allow me to explore the world and its possibilities. Digital photography’s virtually unlimited storage space encourages multiple images. For every one image that comes close to the way I envisioned it, there are many more that miss the mark.
However, many that do not meet my photographer’s standards will still be used to create stunning digital representations. This is the area where I truly find the perfect image through experimentation, and sometimes accidents  produce results  never dreamed possible
 This, I find, mirrors life when we approach it with intention. We may need to try repeatedly to achieve our goals, yet in the end, accidents, luck and serendipity lead us to superior results or destinations we could never previously imagine or envision.
May your accidents be happy, your luck favorable and may your life lead you toward the path you are meant to follow.


Orange is the New Black ~ Philip Brent

Orange is the New Black ~ Philip Brent

Edgy Orange Black Chat ~ Philip Brent

Edgy Orange Black Chat ~ Philip Brent

The Scolar

The Scholar ~ Philip Brent

Phoenix Dragon

Phoenix Dragon ~ Philip Brent

Philip Brent Digital Art
Philip Brent on Fine Art America
Brent Harris Fine Art
Brent Harris on Fine Art America
The Pen’s Might
The Extra Mile

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